Sexy Tattoos for Women

Sexy Tattoos for Women

Only a few decades ago, women who wore tattoos were sometimes looked down on. In effect, tattoos were taboo for most women.

How times have changed! The tattoo revolution of the past thirty years has brought the inking of men AND women into the mainstream of tattoo consciousness. Tattoos are becoming ever more acceptable – not only at play or in social settings but increasingly in the workplace as well.

At first, it was mainly the men who started setting new trends with bold, colorful tattoos on their bodies, but the ladies have not been far behind. World famous female celebrities, actors, and pop stars have led the charge, and these days millions of women throughout the world have followed their lead with glorious and beautiful female tattoos.

Are female tattoos sexy?

Not all, but a great many certainly are. Women of all ages like to heighten their beauty by wearing designer clothes that enhance their appearances, and then they add to this by choosing hairstyles, make-up, and accessories that show their faces and bodies off in the best possible light.

In other words, they love to look beautiful and sexy – and they love to attract people and to be admired by them… and why not?

So a well-chosen, and well-placed tattoo, or two, or three, will further augment their allure and sexiness.

What kinds of tattoos are sexy?

Without doubt all women are sexy by virtue of their female attributes and their tantalizing curves. Curves can lead to hidden areas that can be made even sexier by the judicious placement of the right tattoos.

For many women, the careful choice of small, delicate tattoos, such as stars, feathers, flowers or birds, when put in the right place can look very sexy. Other popular female tattoo designs include hearts, butterflies, and other aesthetically beautiful insects such as dragonflies. As well as the heavenly stars, there is the whole range of celestial bodies, such as planets, or a crescent moon, and of course, the sun itself which is high amongst many female choices.

Sometimes, a few chosen words or quotes, when tattooed in the right spot can also be very alluring. Again, when put in the right place, a bejeweled tattoo – a tattoo in the form of a piece of jewelry – can also be very potent.

Another tattoo that can ooze sexiness if done right is the simple bow. A bow is one of the ultimate feminine tattoo designs, representing love and femininity and is popular amongst women of all ages.

If you are at a loss as to what may work for you, our artists at ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok have dozens of original design suggestions and can create wonderfully sexy tattoos just for you.

What do men see as Sexy tattoos?

While you are not necessarily planning to have sexy tattoos to attract the men, and just want to look great and sexy as an independent woman, it is, nevertheless, useful to be aware of how men think.

First off – not all men like tattoos – period. Other men are simply NOT particularly attracted to women wearing tattoos – for whatever reason, it is not their thing.

Having said that, the world is changing, and it is probably fair to say that these days a majority of the male species are instinctively attracted to a woman with a well-placed sexy tattoo or two.

In particular, men love tattoos inked on the lower back, the ribs and in particular, a well-placed tattoo on the thigh. It is a fact that most men are drawn to women’s legs, and a well-designed tattoo that runs down the thigh, or disappears up the top of the thigh is particularly erotic.

Another place that can turn on men is a spine tattoo the runs down your back with containing maybe a secret symbol or message.


It is clear that if you want your tattoos to look sexy, then positioning is very important. To start the ball rolling, maybe you should consider placing your very first tattoo in a spot that normally remains hidden and would only be for the eyes of someone very close to you.

Then, as you become more confident with the magical quality of your sexy tattoos, you can try other body areas, such as your lower back, side, thighs, and hips. Other areas that can also look sexy are back, stomach, rib, and chest.

Such placements will be seen by anyone when you are on the beach, or in the gym or when you don a revealing dress to go out to a party or on the town.

The popular bow tattoos can look alluring on the ankle, arm, back, neck or leg, with multi-colored bright bows, especially red, symbolizing love and passion and pure white representing innocence.

Choose your artist well

Remember, it is the combination of design along with placement are that will create the sexiest effects and draw other people to the unique artwork on your beautiful body, and ultimately to you as a lovely person.

In this respect, it is important that you don’t go it alone and that you seek expert advice before taking the plunge. Choosing the right tattoo artist is an important part of the process and you will need to find someone who has a proven track record in producing sexy tattoos for women.

Here, at ALL DAY Tattoo in Bangkok, we have expert, internationally renowned tattoo artists that can work with you to achieve your tattoo goals. We will meet and consult with you free of charge, and together we can come up with a sexy plan that will work for you.

So if you’re in Bangkok, or are planning a trip here, why not click the button below and arrange for your obligation-free appointment with one of our artists at ALL DAY Tattoo.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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