Tattoos for Women in Bangkok

Tattoos for women in Bangkok

When was the first tattoo on a woman?

A better question might be: “When and where did Tattooing first originate?”

It is pretty much agreed by tattoo historians that there is no one country, place, or civilization to which we can attribute the birth of tattooing

Evidence of tattooing has been found in many ancient cultures and there is little doubt that the art of inking bodies sprang up independently, at different places and at different times in human history.

What is clear is that although tattooing has been found predominantly on men in ancient civilizations, there is irrefutable evidence that women also had their bodies inked.

Probably the most famous and amazing discovery of tattoos on a female body was in 1993 when the 2,500-year-old mummified remains of a Siberian Princess were discovered on the remote Ukok Plateau in Siberia.

What is so remarkable is not only that this incredible discovery provides indisputable evidence that women were tattooed thousands of years ago, but that the tattoos were of highly intricate and elaborate designs.

The princess’s body, which was preserved in the permafrost, was buried with six horses and two warrior escorts. Her skin was covered with some truly astonishing tattoos.

In fact, if you compared these complex designs with other tattoos discovered on ancient ‘man’ – such as those of the Ice Man found in the Alps, these female tattoos are something really special.

In many ways the Princess’s tattoos are remarkably similar to modern day tattoos. She has a full “arm sleeve” of tattoos and other intricate drawings of animals – both real and mythical – and stylish, intricate patterns on her shoulders, and even on her hands and fingers.

The overall impression is one of great art and beauty. Maybe in some strange way, this ancient “Ukok Princess” set down an ancient marker of how to beautify the female body with tattoos – a practice which in very recent times has blossomed.

Ancient discoveries apart, for much of recent history, women with tattoos were often regarded as offensive and could even signify a ‘bad woman’.

In western cultures, up to relatively recently times, women who wore a visible tattoo or two on their bodies were regarded as rebels – social outcasts – certainly not women that you would want as a friend or, God forbid, marry your son.

But the past twenty years or so has turned these offensive and misogynistic views on their heads. The whole world has changed, and women now feel as free – if not freer than men – to enhance their bodies with great works of art.


Sex Appeal?

In fact, it could be argued that the modern trend for mainstream women to ink their bodies has put a whole new light on the art of tattooing. Women have brought a new concept to the tattoo industry – a concept that states loud and clear that tattoos can make a female body more attractive – sexier.

Indeed, most men will readily admit that women with tattoos in the ‘right’ places are a terrific turn-on.

Sure, men with great bodies can also look sexy when inked with classy tattoos, but for women, it has turned into a whole new ballgame. Female body tattoos can often be a very powerful and tantalizing weapon in their armory of allurement. Female tattoos are every bit a tantalizing item of body attire, as say, a bikini or a short dress.

Tattoos strategically placed on a woman’s body curves, or on her shapely thighs, or on some other titillating area of her skin, can produce a startling effect on the average hot-blooded male – not to mention other women.


Great tattoos help to assert women’s independence and equality in a still male-dominated world.

Dozens of female celebrities have led the way and shown the world how tattoos can be a statement of a woman’s individuality, as well her beauty.

The likes of Angelina, Selena, Cheryl, and Cara have shown us that they can do as they wish with their bodies, and in doing so, have made a strong statement – that tattooing is a totally acceptable art form for all women.

But tattoos aren’t just for superstar singers and mega models and for women blessed with great bodies.

Tattoos can look great on any female body; whether you are young, old, tall, short, fat, thin, or any ethnicity. It’s really a question of choosing what looks and feels right for you.


What kind of tattoos do women choose?

The simple answer is that women will often choose exactly the same designs as men.

Just about any tattoo can look great on the bodies of either sex. Although not too many women go for the ‘heavier’ designs favored by men such as bikers, or heavy metal rockers; you can never rule them out.

In general terms, women tend to favor something smaller and more artistically appealing. Women are more delicately built than men, and while tastes and values amongst women will vary enormously, ‘feminine designs’ such as butterflies or flowers may be preferred to skulls or monsters.

The lines tend to be more delicate, less aggressive and more in keeping with the curves that are part and parcel of the female body. Many women are proud of their bodies and want to show them off, so a strategic tattoo …or three… inked in the right places will make their bodies look even better.

Other popular designs for women include: delicate lower back designs of butterflies and tribal markings; a wide variety of flowers; stars, fairies; hearts; dragonflies; swallows; and zodiac signs. Traditionally, women have often gone for texts containing extracts of poetry or biblical quotes, maybe decorated with flowers.

As already stated, during the past two decades, women have tended to opt for more discreet tattoos. The most popular body areas for women have been just above the ankle, the lower back, the inside wrist, the back of the neck, the feet, the shoulder (back and front), the hip, fingers, upper arm, and side.

But increasingly, all bets are off. A new generation of women are as bold as men with their choice of tattoo sizes and body locations.

An example of this might be a woman with nice legs who decides to make them even more appealing by putting a large and beautiful tattoo on one of her thighs, the upper part of which disappears from view. Women who are into gothic culture might tattoo themselves with as many “heavy tattoos” as their male counterparts.

But whether their tattoo choices are overt or discrete, women tend to be more discerning about the kind of art they put on their bodies. They are more likely to take their time to seek out reputable artists. Artists who really know what they are doing, who will understand their needs, and advise what will look good on their bodies.


Where should women go for a great tattoo in Bangkok, Thailand?

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Whether you are you looking for something sexy or something a little less obvious, you will still want a tattoo that enhances your body and makes it look more attractive.

At All Day Tattoo, you will find a team of friendly, expert and completely switched-on artists – both male and female. We, at All Day Tattoo, will be happy to discuss your ideas and help you to choose your design, and crucially, where to ink it. We can also offer some great design ideas, and help you reach the right decision on what will be best – for you, and your body.

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