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Many cultures from around the world have influenced todays tattoo culture

For centuries, ink has been used to adorn the body and skin with symbols rooted deep in tradition, protection, culture, and religious beliefs

Viking warriors were said to have tattoos and body modifications such as filed teeth that made them look fearsome in battle

We will be swimming through the sands of the hourglass to a time of water bound warriors who left an impact on the world with their travels and traditions


Who were the Vikings?

The Vikings were a seafaring people, fierce fighters, and expert navigators primarily from Scandinavia

The height of the Viking Empire began in the 8th century and continued well into the 11th century

During this period, these advanced sailors conquered many parts of the world and spread the Norse culture to foreign lands as well as bringing cultural influences back to Scandinavia

The Vikings used many different style of ships to travel the waters of the world

The longship was an ornate vessel used for warfare and exploration

This ship was designed for speed and agility with a long narrow hull and points on both ends of the craft

These points were helpful in cutting through and navigating icy waters

The Viking longships were also equipped with oars which allowed the vessels to navigate without wind and quickly move backwards or forwards

The Knarr was a merchant vessel designed with a deep broad hull to carry cargo in bulk for long sea voyages

Had fewer oars which in turn meant a smaller crew then the longship but used the same style of construction, the clinker-built method

The Vikings built magnificent vessels that were a mixture of ingenuity and true craftsmanship

Ornate woodcarving depicting dragons and other creatures from Nordic Mythology adorned these floating works of art

It’s no wonder that these vessels tend to be one of the most popular choices for Viking tattoo inspiration and reference


Viking Influences Still Seen In Today’s World

There are many common English words still in use today that are derived from Old Norse

As a matter of fact, most of the names for the days of the week come from the names of Nordic Gods

Tuesday – means Tyr’s day (Tyr was the son of the Nordic god Odin)

Wednesday – means Woden or Odin’s day (Odin was the god of death, divination, magic, poetry, and wisdom)

Thursday – means Thor’s day (Thor was the god of war and fertility. He was also the most popular of all the gods.)

Friday – means Freya’s day (Freya was the most renowned of all the Nordic goddesses. She was the goddess of fertility, love, battle, and death.)

There are many other words used today that originated from Old Norse such as axle, knife, heathen, hell, husband, leather, raft, ransack, and window

Although the Vikings had a written alphabet and used runestones to memorialize themselves and their world, they did not keep written records

History has had to rely on the eyewitness accounts and written descriptions of the Norsemen

Ahmed Iban Fadlan an Arabic scholar wrote about an encounter with the Norsemen in 921 AD

He wrote, “They are dark form the tips of their toes right up to their necks – trees, pictures, and the like.”

This is a good indication that these warriors had epic scenes of the places they had traveled and battles they fought immortalized on their skin with tattoos


Popular Viking Tattoos and the Meaning Behind Them

Nordic tattoos mainly comprised of mythology and religion

Some of the most popular gods used as tattoo subjects are Odin, Thor, Loki, and Freya

There are also many other symbolic elements that hold deep meaning and significance in the Nordic culture and we will delve deeper into those subjects below


Ravens Huginn and Muninn

A pair of ravens from Norse mythology belonging to the god Odin said to sit upon his shoulder and whisper the news of the world in his ear

It was their duty to fly all over the world and bring information back to their master

It is said that the two birds had a symbolic meaning for thought and mind



Asgard is a location associated with the gods in Norse mythology

Said to be the dwelling place of the gods and each important god had his own palace in Asgard

Divided into twelve or more realms, it could only be reached by the bridge Bifrost (the rainbow)


Valknut the Slain Warriors Knot

The Valknut is a symbol of three interlocking triangles joined together

It is a word of Norwegian origin and means “knot of those fallen in battle”

This symbol can be found on runestones and memorial stones dated back to the Viking Age


Skoll and Hati Wolves

In Norse mythology, Skoll is the wolf that chases the sun and Hati is the wolf that chases the moon


Helm of Awe

A powerful Viking symbol said to give warriors courage, protection, and strength

Known to be the most potent of all the magical runic symbols

Legend tells that warriors would place this symbol in the center of their brow for protection, strength, and victory in battle

The circle in the center of the symbol was said to provide the wearer with mental, physical, and spiritual protection

These are just a few of the most popular Viking tattoo designs but there are many more to choose from depending on what you are looking for to signify your inner warrior

These type of tattoo designs can be done in many different tattoo styles but the most popular tend to be black and grey bold statement pieces or sleeves and realistic style


Where can you find the warriors of the tattoo world?

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