Yant Ha Chet Phet Five Diamond Armor Tattoo Bangkok

Yant Ha Chet Phet Tattoo Bangkok

The Yant Ha Chet Phet (which translates as Five Diamond Armor) and written in Thai script as “ยันต์ห้าฉัตรเพชร” is a popular Sak Yant (also know as Thai Traditional) tattoo design

The Yant Ha Chet tattoo encapsulates spiritual protection, power and the symbolic energy of a sacred design that has strong roots in Thailand and the surrounding area

In this article we’ll have a look at the meaning behind this tattoo, the significance of it and some reasons why a person may choose to get the Yant Ha Chet Phet tattooed on themselves


Yant Ha Chet Phet: Providing You With Powerful Spiritual Armor

The Yant Ha Chet Phet is a powerful design in the Thai sacred tattoo tradition, usually known as “Sak Yant”

Although we will go through some details here, for a full explanation of Sak Yant designs check out this page

The word “Sak” means “to tap” and “Yant” is the Thai version of the Pali word “Yantra”

A yantra refers to sacred diagrams, often used in meditation practice as a focus for attention and built with sacred geometry in mind

In the Buddhist tradition, all things are connected and we see this through the various Sak Yant designs

If you’ve got an interest in the sciences, you may find the subject of sacred geometry fascinating, as patterns can be found from the microcosmic realms all the way to cosmic scales and everything in between

This echoes the underlying order of the universe in everything

The intricate design of the Yant Ha Chet Phet features five diamond shapes (Phet) which are interconnected, providing the wearer with spiritual armor (Chet)

The diamonds are surrounded by sacred scripts, which are called “Kata” and derived from Pali or ancient Khom language and believed to give the design special powers

So although to the casual observer the letters themselves can look a lot like Thai script, this is really only because modern Thai has drawn influence from these ancient languages

The scripts are usually written in a type of code, which is secret to the Ajarn (the “Master”) who created them

So while we can’t say exactly what they represent, we can provide the meaning behind them


Symbolism and Significance of the Yant Ha Chet Phet

The Yant Ha Chet Phet symbolizes an impenetrable spiritual armor that is believed to provide the wearer with protection from physical harm, danger and negative energy

The five diamonds represent the protective powers of the five Buddha families – Akshobhya, Amitabha, Vairocana, Ratnasambhava, and Amoghasiddhi.

The Yant Ha Chet Phet is a testament to courage, resilience and protection and embodies the wearer’s strength and resolve

It’s believed that the person receiving the design will receive the abilities required to overcome challenges in life and adversities and act as a physical manifestation of an invisible, protective spiritual shield


Why Choose a Yant Ha Chet Phet Tattoo?

There are many reasons why someone may want to get this design and as with all tattoos, the choice is ultimately a personal one

Some of the common reasons people decide to get this design are because they wish to feel a sense of protection through their spiritual journey, or that they feel an affinity with Buddhism or Thai culture and want to have a reminder of that with them

Or it can simply be that you think it’s a beautiful design with some interesting and significant symbolism and meaning behind it, that’s absolutely fine too!


What is the usual placement for the Yant Ha Chet Phet Tattoo?

There are a few rules around getting Sak Yant tattoos in general

Although not all studios follow these rules, as a Thai studio we believe it’s important to reflect and respect the culture that we’re living in

So we aren’t able to do any Sak Yant tattoo below the waist

The reason for this is that the lower half of the body in Buddhist teaching is “unclean” and therefore nothing relating to the Buddha should be tattooed there

So you’re free to choose any position above the waist

One of the most common positions for this tattoo is on the left or right shoulder, sometimes alone and sometimes opposite another design, the most popular being the Hah Taew


Where to Get a Yant Ha Chet Phet Tattoo in Bangkok?

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We are centrally located right in the center of Bangkok, with easy access by the BTS skytrain system as well as taxis

Our team of highly trained and fluent English staff are on hand at all times throughout the process to ensure that you’re well informed, understood and can relax and enjoy your tattoo

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