Yant Juntra Tattoos Bangkok

Yant Juntra Tattoo Bangkok

The Yant Juntra is a design in the genre of Sak Yant tattoos, also known as “Thai Traditional” tattoos

In Thai Yant Juntra is written as ยันต์จันทรา

The word “Yant” is the Thai pronunciation of the word Yantra – which is a mystical diagram often used in meditation

The word “Juntra” is the Thai word for “Moon”

This makes the design a fascinating blend of both religious symbolism and artistic aesthetic, making it far more meaningful than simply being a beautiful design

If you’d like to learn more about Sak Yant in general, you can read our comprehensive article here

In this article we’re going to explore the symbolism and meaning behind the Yant Juntra design further, so let’s get into it!


What are the Letters or Script in the Yant Juntra design?

It’s common to most Sak Yant designs that they include some form of lettering or script

If you’ve been looking online, you’ll often see people posting questions asking “what is the translation of this design”

And you’ve probably also seen that the answer isn’t forthcoming

But why?

Well, it’s because the lettering is in what’s known as “Khom script”

Khom script has roots in the ancient Brahmi script of India and it an alphasyllabic writing system

In simple terms it means that each “letter” has a consonant and a vowel

It has been used extensively for centuries in the spiritual traditions across Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam

The reason why many people think it is Thai is because the Thai language has taken a lot of influence from Khom, as well as other languages and looks somewhat similar

However, it’s not the same at all, and certainly not “readable” by normal Thai readers

The Khom script in Sak Yant designs has been designed to imbue certain blessings and characteristics in the design

It is often written in a form of “code” and handed down from Ajarns (Sak Yant masters) to their apprentices

Our design have been selected from, and checked by, well respected Ajarns in the Sak Yant tradition

So while we aren’t able to tell you exactly what it “says”, we are able to explain the intention behind it


What is the Meaning of the Yant Juntra Sak Yant?

The Yant Juntra holds a powerful symbol of benevolence and bliss

Its influence is said to imbue the wearer with profound loving kindness

This endearing quality ensures that you’ll be surrounded by supportive individuals throughout your life journey

More than just personal harmony, the Yant Juntra brings about broader peace

It cultivates an aura of tranquility around the wearer, diffusing potential conflicts and fostering understanding

Beyond this, the Yant promises an undercurrent of joy, a constant wellspring of happiness to brighten your path

This symbol, etched into the skin, becomes a beacon, radiating positivity and drawing in joy

The blessings of the Yant Juntra extend to the flow of life

It is believed to smooth out life’s wrinkles, guiding you towards a path of fewer obstacles

In essence, the Yant Juntra serves as your personal amulet, your talisman of happiness, kindness, and a life flowing with ease

Along with the Khom script there are other elements of the design which contribute to these meanings, so let’s have a look at them a bit deeper


The Unalome in the Yant Juntra

As in many Sak Yant designs, the Unalome symbol often plays a significant role in the Yant Juntra

The Unalome is a symbol derived from Buddhist symbology, representing the path to enlightenment

Imagine a winding road, filled with twists and turns, trials and tribulations, that eventually straightens into a line, signifying the attainment of enlightenment

This is the journey depicted by the Unalome, a path that’s not always easy, but always purposeful

It’s a spiritual map, guiding us through life’s challenges and leading us to the ultimate spiritual destination


The Crescent Moon in the Yant Juntra

The central element in the Yant Juntra is an image of a crescent moon

The moon, across many cultures and religions, is often seen as a symbol of change, due to its cyclical nature

It waxes and wanes, grows full and becomes empty, representing the continuous ebb and flow of life and time

In Buddhism, the crescent moon also signifies the middle path between illusion and enlightenment, a state of peace and serenity

As part of the Yant Juntra, the crescent moon serves as a symbol of guidance in the journey of life and spirituality

It shines in the darkness, providing direction amidst uncertainty, reflecting the teachings of the Buddha


Where to get a Yant Juntra Tattoo in Bangkok

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