Yant Kroh Petch Tattoo Bangkok

Yant Kroh Petch Tattoo Bangkok

Yant Kroh Petch, known as “Diamond Armour” in Thai, is a powerful symbol of spiritual defense

In Thai script it is written as ยันต์เกราะเพชร

This Sak Yant tattoo is revered for its protective capabilities, offering a sanctuary against dark spells and malevolent forces

Shaped like a robust shield, it’s a guardian against the unseen, a bastion against negative energies and maleficent spirits


The Yant Kroh Petch’s Protective Essence

Believed to repel danger and harm, getting this design is thought to be like wearing an invisible cloak that deflects the perils of both the physical and ethereal realms

Its form—a shield—serves as a constant reminder that you are guarded on all fronts, with bad luck and dark energies being reflected away and dissolved


Where Should the Yant Kroh Petch be Tattooed?

For those seeking the full might of the Yant Kroh Petch, placement is key

Although it is fine to get it tattooed anywhere above the waist, as the lower body in Buddhist belief is believed to be unclean and therefore Sak Yant tattoos should not be placed on it,

it is recommended that this Yant be etched onto the back

In this position it can serve as your spiritual armor, covering the most extensive surface area and providing maximum power

Positioned here, it acts as your silent sentinel, ever-watchful and present


Deciphering Khom in Yant Kroh Petch

Khom script, derived from the ancient Brahmi script, is an esoteric language integral to Thai spiritual practice

Iit is intricately woven into the fabric of the Yant Kroh Petch

The characters, though not readable in the traditional sense, are potent symbols of protection

The Ajarn, or Sak Yant Master, who crafts the design, embeds specific purposes within each character—purposes known only to them and their apprentices

It’s for this reason we can’t tell you exactly what the design “says” but we are able to explain the intention and meaning behind it


Where to get a Yant Kroh Petch tattoo in Bangkok?

Choosing ALL DAY Tattoo for your Yant Kroh Petch is choosing expertise and reverence for tradition

We appreciate the sacred dialogue between art and spirituality, and we honor the trust placed in us to deliver tattoos that are not only visually striking but spiritually meaningful

Our studio is a place where tradition meets the highest standards of hygiene and care, ensuring you have an excellent experience while getting your Yant Kroh Petch tattoo

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