Yant Sumred Tattoo Bangkok

Yant Sumred Tattoos Bangkok

Journey with us into the heart of Thai sacred tattoo artistry as we explore the Yant Sumred, spelled as ยันต์สำเร็จ in Thai.

Yant Sumred is a popular design in category known as Sak Yant, which is sometimes referred to as “Thai Traditional Tattoos”

If you’d like to learn more about Sak Yants in general, you can read our comprehensive page here 

In Thai script it is written as ยันต์สำเร็จ

In this article we’re going to have a detailed look at the Yant Sumred design, the meanings and different elements it includes


The Meaning of Yant Sumred

Let’s get straight to the meaning behind the Yant Sumred design

Sak Yant designs are beautiful visually

But they are so much more than just pretty designs

The Sak Yant tradition goes back for centuries, and each design has been created with a specific meaning and purpose in mind

This Yant embodies the essence of success and achievement

It’s believed to provide its wearer with an aura of success and accomplishment that touches all aspects of their life.

The power of the Yant Sumred lies in its ability to open doors, break down barriers, and help the wearer achieve their goals and dreams

If you decide to get this design tattooed, you can consider it your personal emblem of success, gently guiding you on a journey of prosperity and victory


The Different Elements in the Yant Sumred Design

Now that we understand a little more of the meaning behind the design

Let’s have a look at some of the different elements included in it


The Unalome

Sacred Buddhist emblems like the unalome in the Yant Samred design serve as metaphorical guides towards enlightenment

The journey, reflected in the intricate winding of the unalome, isn’t a linear progression

On this path, you’ll encounter various trials and tribulations, which may even cause a slight regression before moving forward

The line straightening out towards the end signifies the attainment of enlightenment, characterized by a mind and spirit free from the haze of ignorance

In the Yant Samred design, unalome symbols are arranged in two distinct directions – vertical and horizontal

A vertically aligned unalome is symbolic of a person’s journey to reach an elevated state of spirituality

In contrast, a horizontally set unalome signifies the challenges of maintaining spiritual growth with the distractions and experiences happening in the physical world

With both directions represented, the Yant Samred design encapsulates a dual journey towards spiritual enlightenment

It emphasizes that through spiritual ascension (vertical) and living through worldly experiences (horizontal), we can achieve our quest for enlightenment


Geometric Shapes

At the heart of the design, you’ll notice an array of lines and circles

These basic yet impactful elements bring in aspects of the “mandala” to the design

These patterns are traditionally considered to be charged with a special and powerful energy that magnetizes success and prosperity

If you’re curious about the deeper significance of mandalas, feel free to explore this page for more information 


What Position on the Body can the Yant Sumred Design be Tattooed?

The traditional position for the Yant Sumred design to be tattooed is on the upper back, just under the neckline

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t get it tattooed somewhere else!

There is really only one rule:

In Buddhist belief, the lower part of the body is “unclean”

This means that Sak Yant designs should only be tattooed from the waist upwards

Out of respect for Thai culture, as well as protecting our customers from people that may feel upset to see a Sak Yant design tattooed below the waist, we only tattoo these designs from the waist up

But don’t be put off!

Thai people and Buddhists the world over are usually very proud to see someone with a Sak Yant tattoo

So just make sure you follow this basic rule, and you should find nothing but smiles when you show people your tattoo


What is the Writing in the Yant Sumred design? What Does it Mean?

The script and letting in the Yant Sumred design isn’t exactly “writing” as we would usually know it

The language it is written in is called Khom

Khom, born from the ancient Brahmi script, is an integral element of Sak Yant tattoos, including the Yant Sumred

Its roots trace back to the sacred scriptures of Buddhism and Hinduism across various regions, including Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and parts of Vietnam

This is why you’ll often see designs including this script in temples throughout the region

This script is included in the design by the Ajarn, who is a Sak Yant master

It is usually written in a form of “code”, the meaning of which is passed down from Master to Apprentice over generations

Our Yant Sumred design has been sourced from and checked by prominent Ajarns

So while we can’t tell you exactly what it “says”, we are able to tell you what the meaning is

When you compare modern Thai script and Khom, the differences are striking

Though both emerged from the same Brahmi root, centuries of evolution have shaped modern Thai script into a unique system of writing, distinct in visual appeal and usage rules

Yet, Khom retains its relevance in the traditional and ceremonial, including Sak Yant

It’s more than an inscription – it’s a spiritual link connecting the wearer to the cultural richness, history, and spiritual vitality embedded within


Where to get a Yant Sumred Tattoo in Bangkok?

When it comes to Yant Sumred tattoos, ALL DAY Tattoo has you covered

Our fully licensed tattoo studio follows stringent Western hygiene practices

We use only FDA-approved, premium inks imported from the USA, ensuring a tattoo of unparalleled quality and safety

With us, you’ll find no tourist tricks, only a transparent and fair process

You can read more about this here 

Our centrally located studio in Bangkok, paired with our friendly and English-speaking team, offers an easily accessible and comfortable environment for your tattoo journey.

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