Snake Tattoos in Bangkok

Snake Tattoos in Bangkok

Many of us feel like snakes are to be feared.

In truth these reptiles get a very bad press, but as this is an article about Snake Tattoo designs we will not go into detail on the lack of reptile rights denied to these misunderstood animals!


The snake is an integral part of tattooing history

Snakes have been around since the beginning of time and mean very different things to different cultures.

While some nationalities see them as evil and scary, their more positive side is honored by many.

This is seen in the fact that ancient tribes and modern religions revere these reptiles.


Need a tattoo that states you are starting over?

Without getting too heavy, there are many times in life when you need to “Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Down, and Start All Over Again”.

Snakes can be a powerful symbol of starting over.

The fact that they need to shed their skin to survive is not lost in the commonly held analogy that life can begin again.

You can start over and you can prosper.

In this sense, a Snake tattoo can mean a new beginning and a reminder of when it was time to “Go Again”.

This is just one example of what a Snake tattoo design can represent.

Rest assured, there are many others.

We will shortly describe just 7 snake tattoo designs for you to consider, ones that the professional, fully qualified artists at the ALL DAY Tattoo studio in Sukhumvit, Central Bangkok regularly complete for clients.

But, before doing so, let’s consider snake tattoo genres and body placement.


A universally powerful tattoo design

There is no doubting the power and striking image that a snake tattoo gives.

Not only can you choose from a wide variety of genres, but body placement of these graphic tattoo designs means you can place them just about anywhere on your body.

Here are 7 examples of genres and body placement you can consider:


Different Snake Tattoo Genres

Snake tattoo designs work really well in the majority of genres.

The most popular that the ALL DAY tattoo studio are regularly asked for include:


Snake Tattoo Body Placement

With regard to body placement, the issue here is really where you cannot have a snake tattoo placed!

Through flexibility of design in terms of size and style you can comfortably have them inked on your:

  • Lower or Upper Arms
  • Lower or Upper Legs
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Stomach or Thighs

Another really positive factor about Snake tattoos is that they are equally suited to men or women.


What is the meaning of snake tattoos?

The flexibility of snake tattoo meanings should not be underestimated.

They can represent just about the A-Z of feelings, emotions and character.

Here are some major characteristics that have significant meaning for those looking at receiving a snake tattoo.



We touched on it earlier in the piece, but this is surely worth reiterating.

Shed that skin you are in and make positive strides in transforming or healing the hurt in your life.


Knowledge & Wisdom

Certain mythological beliefs define the snake as being a symbol of deep knowledge and wisdom.


Power & Strength

Regardless of good or evil it cannot be denied that the snake is a very powerful, potent symbol.



According to the Christian Bible, it was a snake that first tempted Eve into sin.

If you like the idea of being an original sinner, or are prone to temptation (and who isn’t?) then a snake tattoo will suit you perfectly!



Snake tattoos can display sensuality and sexuality with some very erotic designs to suit your taste.



Some species of snakes are so poisonous their venom can kill very, very quickly.

While we should obviously not take killing literally, snake designs are popular with all disciplines of professional fighters as well as the security forces.

As a bit of general advice for you, do your best to avoid Black Mambas! If bitten by one you need antivenom treatment within 30 minutes otherwise death is likely!



Throughout history and across a swathe of cultures the snake is a symbol of fertility and regarded as being creative in terms of life force. It’s phallic shape helps reinforce this meaning.


7 Popular Snake Tattoos

Here’s a selection of 7 popular snake designs along with their meanings.

These and many others are completed on a regular basis by the fully licensed ALL DAY Tattoo studio team of artists.

We start with 3 individual snake designs and complete the set with 4 snake and other image designs.

It must be stressed that this is a very small sample of the designs the ALL DAY tattoo studio offer.

Any client with a specific snake design in mind, simple or complex, small or large will receive exactly what they are looking for from our fluent English speaking team of highly skilled tattoo artists.


King Cobra

We begin with the King of all snakes. For many, this is considered a sacred symbol and represents wealth as well as nobility.



Honoured down the centuries by native Central Americans, Aztecs and Mayans. This snake design shows unknown strength and relates to an undying spirit of the underdog.



A design that depicts a ring-shaped snake eating its own tail.

An ancient Asian symbol that importantly represents the full cycle of life from birth, living, death and rebirth.

The Ouroboros tattoo design indicates the changing ‘seasons’ of your life.


Eagle & Snake

A design included in the official seal of Mexico, this is an expression of conflict that the vast majority of us face. It relates to the struggle of doing what is right against giving into temptation.

In this design the snake can represent sexual passion, the eagle morality and nobility.

It is your choice which comes out on top, but the most commonly chosen designs portray the eagle as being victorious!


Dragon & Snake

When these two striking images are paired this is seen as a symbol of life’s balance.

Dragons represent your wild, passionate side, the snake depicts the calm (and often cunning!) side of nature.


Rose & Snake

A very popular and powerful tattoo design.

These two images together are often seen as the ultimate symbol of temptation.

Another very meaningful representation is the loss of innocence.


Skull & Snake

Not for the faint hearted, but graphically stunning!

This is symbolic of death and decay. This design is seen as a constant reminder of our mortality.


Why not slide into the ALL DAY tattoo studio for that perfect snake tattoo?

Anyone who intends to visit Bangkok and is looking for a completely original snake tattoo design should pay the ALL DAY tattoo studio in Sukhumvit, Central Bangkok a visit.

We are the #1 licensed tattoo studios in Thailand’s vibrant capital city and have achieved this status through hard work and dedication.

Qualifying to become and remain a licensed tattoo studio in Thailand is no mean feat, but we have been there for years and intend to remain even longer.

Our #1 status comes from our dedication to tattooing excellence.

Three major strands of the many we adhere to are:

  • Stringent health and safety measures that protect both our clients and our artists.
  • A team of internationally experienced tattoo artists and studio managers who speak fluent English.
  • A commitment to our clients that ensures the design they want is the design they will get


The ALL DAY tattoo studio team has one goal – Your complete satisfaction from all aspects of our tattoo procedures.

  • You will never be pressured into a tattoo design of any kind
  • We are always prepared to give recommendations based on your requirements
  • As and when assistance, advice and inspiration are required the ALL DAY team guarantee some astounding design suggestions based on exactly what you are looking for.

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