What Makes a Tattoo a Good Tattoo?

What Makes A Tattoo A Good Tattoo?

6 Pieces of advice for getting the best tattoo in Bangkok

The ALL DAY tattoo studio team in Sukhumvit, Central Bangkok are very happy!

We are as pleased as all tattoo lovers out there at the huge popularity, different styles, and wide-range of genres that people want to get tattooed.

For those people who are living in, or visiting Bangkok and thinking of getting their first tattoo, or..… just one more!

Here’s our guide to exactly what you should be looking for in order to make your chosen tattoo a class above simply “Good”.

We want them to love the experience from start to finish!


First and Foremost – Make sure your chosen studio is fully licensed

This point really should not be underestimated.

A tattoo studio that has gone the extra mile to achieve full, authorised licensing is one to be reckoned with.

They have jumped through official hoops and met stringent requirements to achieve such status.

This has been done due to their desire and determination to provide the safest environment possible for all clients and their tattoo artists.

Gaining a recognised, authorised tattoo studio license is no mean feat.

The highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness need to be met, kept and rigorously implemented.

In our case, this is achieved through our self-imposed charter we call The ALL DAY tattoo studio ‘peace of mind’ policy.

This policy has been implemented to ensure the safety of our clients and artists.

We guarantee that during an appointment you will benefit from such things as:

  • Hygiene standards of the highest possible order
  • Only the best quality, USA-imported inks are ever used
  • Only one-use, industry-best standard needles are ever used
  • A fluent English speaking team of managers are always on-hand – Read more on this very important factor below
  • Detailed aftercare instructions given – Again, read more on this often overlooked, but vitally important factor below


Check the tattoo studio team member’s experience

A professionally run tattoo studio will have managers and artists with long tattooing experience.

It is often the case that these artists will have worked internationally, it should always be the case that samples of completed tattoo designs be available to view on their website.

It is even better if the studio concerned allows you to visit their website and drill down to look at individual artists profiles and portfolios.

These portfolios should give a brief overview of the artists themselves, their experience, what tattoo genres they specialize in and a sample of work they have completed.

These profiles and portfolios will certainly inspire and the ALL DAY tattoo studio website provides this detail and some!

Make sure you talk the same language!

We strongly believe that the tattoo design you are looking for should be exactly the tattoo you are hoping for.

This is regardless of whether it is a take on one of the more regularly asked for designs, a mix of different elements, or it is completely of your own invention.

To ensure you get exactly the design and detail you are looking for while in a foreign country it is vital that your chosen tattoo studio has a highly trained artistic team.

It is just as important that these team members can speak and understand native-level English.

The professional ALL DAY tattoo studio team offer exactly that.

We have highly trained, native English speaking staff on hand ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

Here are 6 reasons why being able to converse freely in English with your tattoo studio members is vitally important:


You will feel relaxed from the start

Being surrounded by tattoo professionals who are friendly and communicative in a language you understand will put you at ease.


You will be able to consult fully with the team members responsible for completing your tattoo design.

This could be to confirm exactly what you are looking for, or to listen to suggestions and advice that you will clearly understand.

This type of open discussion is the ideal way to give you inspiration and help you make that final decision.


You can confidently discuss any suggested alterations or improvements to your original request before any tattooing starts.

Importantly, this includes body placement.

Our team fully respects your choice of tattoo body placement, but if we feel it could be slightly better placed, we will advise this in clear English and give our advice and recommendations.

The correct and effective body placement of a tattoo is one of the factors that makes a good tattoo great.


You can ask, and receive clear answers to all of your tattoo-related questions.

Our intention (and we succeed!) is to ensure that all clients are as relaxed as possible while spending time in our studio.

The more relaxed you are, the more questions you may ask and the more answers you will be given.

This makes for a far more enjoyable all-round tattooing experience.


It helps ensure that all word spelling included in your tattoo design is correct.

We have all heard the horror stories related to misspelled tattoo wording.

We have multi-step process to remove as much doubt as possible. We don’t just hand you off to an artist and hope for the best.


Clear aftercare advice.

This is a factor that many studios either forget to give or only provide brief, general advice on.

The ALL DAY tattoo team major on aftercare advice.

We want your tattoo to heal quickly and remain in pristine condition for as long as possible.

This is why every client receives verbal (in clear English!) instructions and is given a sheet (available in several languages) detailing the exact aftercare treatment they should follow.


Tell the ALL DAY tattoo studio what design you are looking for and that is exactly what you will get.

Ease of getting to your studio of choice

Those who live in or have visited Bangkok several times will know there are many pluses to be found in the most vibrant capital city in Southeast Asia.

Those on their first visit will quickly discover its diversity and delights.

However, one thing that everyone quickly discovers is that getting around can be a challenge!

The skytrain and underground rail systems are an excellent way to achieve this, or deciding to use road transport, be it taxi, tuk-tuk or motorcycle taxi can lead to a gridlock experience we can all do without.

In terms of ease of access, this makes choosing your tattoo studio location an important factor.

The ALL DAY tattoo studio is located on Sukhumvit Road, central Bangkok and is just a 3 minute walk from Phrom Phong BTS station.

This means you can get to us and back to where you are staying easily!


Ease of contact and speed of response

A final, but very important factor relates to contact and speed of response.

Those looking for a professional tattoo studio that will ensure their tattoo is better than good should consider just how easy it is to contact them, and how quickly they respond.

We certainly welcome walk-in visitors and will accommodate you as quickly as we can.

Having said that, the vast majority of our first-time and repeat clients who visit us from overseas make suitable arrangements for their tattoo appointment online.

They also often do this before their arrival.

This not only helps them to best schedule their time spent in the city, it also allows our team to fully prepare for a scheduled visit.

The ALL DAY Tattoo studio offers several contact options and during our opening hours our replies are prompt, detailed and in fluent English.

If you would like to find out more as to why the ALL DAY tattoo studio is the #1 tattoo studio in Bangkok, and exactly why many see us as their go-to studio while in the capital, please get in touch using one of the contact methods below.

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